Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Set up multiple HiveServer Interactives for high availability

After enabling interactive query, you can optionally set up additional HiveServer Interactive instances for high-availablilty. One instance operates in active mode, the other in passive (standby) mode. The passive instance serves as a backup and takes over if the active instance goes down.

Multiple HiveServer Interactives do not work in active/passive mode unless you set up all instances during the LLAP setup process, immediately after enabling interactive query. Do not select Add HiveServer2 Interactive from Actions after completing the LLAP setup. If you add an additional HiveServer Interactive instance in this way, it will not operate in active/passive mode. If you make this mistake, remove HSI instances, keeping HS2 and HMS, and then re-add HSI in the following way:
  1. In Select HiveServer Interactive Host, after selecting one HiveServer2 Interactive host, click + to add another.
  2. Accept the default server to host the additional HiveServer Interactive, or from the drop-down, select a different host.
  3. Optionally, repeat these steps to add additional HiveServer Interactives.