Installing Apache Atlas
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Authorization settings

Two authorization methods are available for Atlas: Simple and Ranger.

Simple Authorization

The default setting is Simple, and the following properties are automatically set under Advanced application-properties on the Advanced tab.

Table 1. Apache Atlas Simple Authorization
Property Value
atlas.authorizer.impl simple
atlas.auth.policy.file {{conf_dir}}/policy-store.txt

The policy-store.txt file has the following format:


For example:


In this example readUser1, readUser2, writeUser1 and writeUser2 are the user IDs, each with its corresponding access rights. The User_Name, Group_Name and Operations_Allowed are comma-separated lists.

Authorizer Resource Types:

  • Operation

  • Type

  • Entity

  • Taxonomy

  • Term

  • Unknown

Operations_Allowed are r = read, w = write, u = update, d = delete

Ranger Authorization

Ranger Authorization is activated by enabling the Ranger Atlas plug-in in Ambari.