Installing and configuring Apache Kafka
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Connection Settings

Review the following connection setting in the Advanced kafka-broker category, and modify as needed:

Specifies ZooKeeper session timeout, in milliseconds. The default value is 30000 ms.

If the server fails to signal heartbeat to ZooKeeper within this period of time, the server is considered to be dead. If you set this value too low, the server might be falsely considered dead; if you set it too high it may take too long to recognize a truly dead server.

If you see frequent disconnection from the ZooKeeper server, review this setting. If long garbage collection pauses cause Kafka to lose its ZooKeeper session, you might need to configure longer timeout values.


If you have manually set listeners to advertised.listeners=PLAINTEXT://$HOSTNAME:$PORT, after enabling Kerberos, change the listener configuration to advertised.listeners= SASL_PLAINTEXT://$HOSTNAME:$PORT.


Do not change the following connection settings:


A comma-separated list of ZooKeeper hostname:port pairs. Ambari sets this value. Do not change this setting.