Installing and configuring Apache Kafka
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General Broker Settings

Review the following settings in the Advanced kafka-broker category, and modify as needed:


Enables automatic leader balancing. A background thread checks and triggers leader balancing (if needed) at regular intervals. The default is enabled.


This property allows you to specify a preference of availability or durability. This is an important setting: If availability is more important than avoiding data loss, ensure that this property is set to true. If preventing data loss is more important than availability, set this property to false.

This setting operates as follows:

  • If unclean.leader.election.enable is set to true (enabled), an out-of-sync replica will be elected as leader when there is no live in-sync replica (ISR). This preserves the availability of the partition, but there is a chance of data loss.

  • If unclean.leader.election.enable is set to false and there are no live in-sync replicas, Kafka returns an error and the partition will be unavailable.

This property is set to true by default, which favors availability.

If durability is preferable to availability, set unclean.leader.election to false.


Enables controlled shutdown of the server. The default is enabled.


When a producer sets acks to "all", min.insync.replicas specifies the minimum number of replicas that must acknowledge a write for the write to be considered successful. If this minimum cannot be met, then the producer will raise an exception.

When used together, min.insync.replicas and producer acks allow you to enforce stronger durability guarantees.

You should set min.insync.replicas to 2 for replication factor equal to 3.


Specifies the maximum size of message that the server can receive. It is important that this property be set with consideration for the maximum fetch size used by your consumers, or a producer could publish messages too large for consumers to consume.

Note that there are currently two versions of consumer and producer APIs. The value of message.max.bytes must be smaller than the max.partition.fetch.bytes setting in the new consumer, or smaller than the fetch.message.max.bytes setting in the old consumer. In addition, the value must be smaller than replica.fetch.max.bytes.


Specifies the number of bytes of messages to attempt to fetch. This value must be larger than message.max.bytes.


The rack awareness feature distributes replicas of a partition across different racks. You can specify that a broker belongs to a particular rack through the "Custom kafka-broker" menu option. For more information about the rack awareness feature, see