Using Apache Phoenix to store and access data
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Enable namespace mapping

You can enable namespace mapping by setting an appropriate property in the hbase-site.xml of both the client and the server.


After you set the properties to enable the mapping of Phoenix schemas to HBase namespaces, reverting the property settings renders the Phoenix database unusable. Test or carefully plan the Phoenix to HBase namespace mappings before implementing them.

To enable Phoenix schema mapping to a non-default HBase namespace:

  1. Set the phoenix.schema.isNamespaceMappingEnabled property to true in the hbase-site.xml file of both the client and the server.
  2. Restart the HBase Master and RegionServer processes.

You might not want to map Phoenix system tables to namespaces because there are compatibility issues with your current applications. In this case, set the phoenix.schema.mapSystemTablesToNamespace property of the hbase-site.xml file to false.