Using Apache Phoenix to store and access data
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Associating table in a customized Kerberos environment

You can run an appropriate command to associate a table in a customized Kerberos environment.

Prerequisite: In a Kerberos-secured environment, you must have admin privileges (user hbase) to complete the following task.

  1. Navigate to the Phoenix home directory. The default location is /usr/hdp/current/phoenix-client/.
  2. Run a command to migrate a table of a schema to a namespace, using the following command syntax for the options that apply to your environment:
    $ bin/ 
    Additional information for valid command parameters:
    • ZooKeeper_hostnames

      Enter the ZooKeeper hostname or hostnames that compose the ZooKeeper quorum. If you enter multiple hostnames, enter them as comma-separated values. This parameter is required. You must append the colon and ZooKeeper port number if you invoke the other security parameters in the command. The default port number is 2181.

    • zookeeper.znode.parent

      This setting is defined in the hbase-site.xml file.

    • -m schema_name.table_name

      The -m argument is required. There is a space before and after the -m option.