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Downloading and Installing SmartSense Binary

If you want to use SmartSense 1.4.x with Ambari version 2.4.x, you must first download it from the Tools tab of the Hortonworks support portal (

To install SmartSense, follow these steps:

  1. Install the SmartSense package on the Ambari server host:

    • RHEL, CentOS, or SLES:

      # rpm -ivh smartsense-hst-$HST_VERSION.x86_64.rpm
    • Debian or Ubuntu:

      # dpkg -i smartsense-hst_$HST_VERSION.deb
  2. Add SmartSense service to Ambari by running hst add-to-ambari.

    # hst add-to-ambari
    Enter SmartSense distributable path: /root/smartsense-hst-$HST_VERSION.x86_64.rpm
    Added SmartSense service definition to Ambari
    NOTE: It is required to restart Ambari Server for changes to reflect. Please restart ambari using 'ambari-server restart'
  3. Restart Ambari server by running ambari-server restart.

After you complete this task, you should read HST Server Placement, Activity Analyzer Placement, and follow the steps in Installing SmartSense with Ambari