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Hortonworks SmartSense gives all support subscription customers access to a unique service that analyzes HDP cluster diagnostic data, identifies potential issues, and recommends specific solutions and actions. These analytics proactively identify unseen issues and notify customers of potential problems before they occur.

The Hortonworks SmartSense Tool (HST) provides cluster diagnostic data collection capabilities, enabling customers to quickly gather configuration, metrics, and logs that they can use to analyze and troubleshoot SmartSense support cases.

The Hortonworks SmartSense Installation provides you with the latest SmartSense installation and upgrade information. To better navigate this document, read the SmartSense Architecture, System Requirements, and Downloading SmartSense Binaries sections, then select your scenario from the list below:

Once your SmartSense is up and running, refer to SmartSense User Guide for information about using SmartSense in an Ambari or non-Ambari environment and performing additional configuration.