Introduction to SmartSense
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Activity analysis

Activity analyzer and activity explorer provide job utilization metric aggregation, reporting, and visualization for YARN-based workloads.

Activity Analyzer

Activity Analyzer communicates with YARN Application Timeline Server v1.5 and later, and with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to consume MapReduce history data. It aggregates and transforms this data, and stores it in the Ambari Metrics Collector.

Activity Explorer

Activity explorer includes an embedded instance of Apache Zeppelin, which hosts prebuilt notebooks that visualize cluster utilization data for YARN, Apache Hive or Apache Tez, and MapReduce workloads. Specifically, activity explorer includes data related to user, queue, job duration, and job resource consumption.

The following image illustrates how activity analyzer sends aggregated job history data to Ambari Metrics Collector, which makes that data available to activity explorer: