Introduction to SmartSense
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Introduction to SmartSense

Hortonworks SmartSense Tool (HST) gives all support subscription customers access to a unique service that analyzes cluster diagnostic data, identifies potential issues, and recommends specific solutions and actions. These analytics proactively identify unseen issues and notify customers of potential problems before they occur.

SmartSense provides cluster diagnostic data collection capabilities, enabling customers to quickly gather configuration, metrics, and logs that they can use to analyze and troubleshoot support cases.

  1. Collects cluster diagnostic information to help you troubleshoot support cases. When filing a support case, a customer should attach a bundle for the respective component for faster case progress.
  2. Automatically captures and uploads bundles that are used to produce customized recommendations for your cluster on areas of improvement, such as performance, operational stability, and security.
  3. Allows you to automatically apply recommendations (where possible).
  4. Reports, analyzes, and visualizes cluster activity.

In HDP, SmartSense is automatically included in Ambari 2.2.x and later. The integration between Ambari and SmartSense is facilitated by the Ambari stack and views extension mechanisms. These extensions enable you to add SmartSense as a native Ambari service, and they automatically deploy an Ambari view, enabling you to quickly capture data using the Ambari web UI.

In HDF, SmartSense is not included by default but SmartSense 1.5.x or newer can be installed on a cluster running HDF 3.2.x or newer. When SmartSense is installed on an HDF cluster, the option to capture for troubleshooting is available.

Hortonworks SmartSense Tool use is subject to written agreement with Hortonworks.