Create IDBroker mapping

Learn how you can create the IDBroker mapping for the PutHDFS processor for your data flow. To enable your CDP user to utilize the central authentication features CDP provides and to exchange credentials for AWS access tokens, you have to map your CDP user to the correct IAM role.

This task is only needed if you use the PutHDFS processor for accessing your ADLS folder.

The option to add / modify these mappings is available from the Management Console in your CDP environment.

  1. Access IDBroker Mappings.
    1. To access IDBroker Mappings in your environment, click Actions > Manage Access.
    2. Choose the IDBroker Mappings tab where you can provide mappings for users or groups and click Edit.
  2. Add your CDP user or group and the corresponding Azure role that provides write access to your folder in ADLS to the Current Mappings section by clicking the blue + sign.
    You can get the Azure Managed Identity Resource ID in your ADLS Storage Explorer by navigating to Managed Identities > Your Managed Identity > Properties > Resource ID. The selected Azure MSI role must have a trust policy allowing IDBroker to assume this role.
  3. Click Save and Sync.
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