What's New in Apache Atlas

Learn about the new features of Apache Atlas in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

Kafka metadata collection

When the Kafka cluster is configured to audit using Atlas, the Kafka brokers start notifying Atlas about metadata changes in the Kafka cluster. Later, Atlas can collect Kafka metadata. For more information, see Kafka metadata collection.

Enhancements while importing bulk Glossary terms

After you import Glossary terms into Atlas, you can now list the terms linked to the specific term (Related Terms) in Atlas UI that are provided by the user. For more information, see Enhancements related to bulk glossary terms import.

Propagation of tags as deferred actions

You can enable the propagation of tags as deferred action (or in asynchronous manner). For more information, see Propagation of tags.

Atlas Audit enhancements

The Atlas audit enhancement optimizes storage space by not capturing the entire entity instance in each audit event. For more information, see Audit enhancements.

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