Network Interface Metrics

Metric Name Description Unit CDH Version
bytes_receive_rate The number of bytes received bytes per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
bytes_transmit_rate The number of bytes transmitted bytes per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
colls_transmit_rate The number of packet collisions while transmitting errors per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
drop_receive_rate The number of packets dropped while receiving packets per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
drop_transmit_rate The number of packets dropped while transmitting packets per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
errs_receive_rate The number of receive errors errors per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
errs_transmit_rate The number of transmit errors errors per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
frame_receive_rate The number of packet framing errors while receiving errors per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
packets_receive_rate The number of packets received packets per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
packets_transmit_rate The number of packets transmitted packets per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]
speed The speed of the network interface MB per second [CM -1.0.0..CM -1.0.0]