Before proceeding to back up and restore CDW, you must meet a number of prerequisites.

The following prerequisites are mandatory for a successful backup and restore of CDW.
  • You have not enabled the MULTI_DEFAULT_DBC entitlement.
  • Your Database Catalogs are not custom (non-default) ones.
  • CDP CLI 0.9.88 or later is installed and configured.
  • AWS CLI or Azure CLI is installed and configured.
  • The kubectl (or k9s equivalent) is installed and configured.
  • You have Cluster Administrator privileges and can access the CDW web UI.
  • A CDW cluster is up and running with one Database Catalog and one or more Virtual Warehouses using Hive or Impala.

Importance of bringing down the cluster

Backing up and restoring CDW requires bringing down the cluster to ensure successful cluster restoration. During downtime, CDW must be inaccessible to your end-users. If downtime is not feasible due to your operational model, you can use a workaround that disables end user access instead of bringing down the cluster.

Any manual modification of the Kubernetes objects or configurations are lost when you bring down the cluster. Modifications applied using the CDW UI and settings defined during creation are preserved.