Tutorial: customizing a ReadyFlow

Learn how to create a draft using a ReadyFlow as a template.

This tutorial shows you how you can open a ReadyFlow from the ReadyFlow Gallery and create a customized flow design using the ReadyFlow as a template. This tutorial uses the 'Hello World' ReadyFlow, a simple flow design that retrieves the latest changes from Wikipedia through invoking the Wikipedia API. It converts JSON events to Avro, before filtering and routing them to two different processors which merge events together before a file is written to local disk.

You will learn about:

  • Opening a ReadyFlow as a draft on the Flow Design Canvas.
  • Creating a Controller Service
  • Changing the configuration of processors
  • Running a Test Session
  • Publishing a draft to the Catalog as a flow definition.

The 'Hello World' ReadyFlow that you are about to customize can be deployed without any external dependencies and does not require any parameter values during deployment. Still, there are prerequisites you have to meet before you can start building your first draft.

  • You have an enabled and healthy CDF environment.

  • You have been assigned the DFDeveloper role granting you access to the Flow Designer.

  • You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin or DFCatalogViewer role granting you access to the Catalog. You will need this authorization to publish your draft as a flow definition to the Catalog.

  • You have been assigned the DFFlowAdmin role for the environment to which you want to deploy the flow definition.