Open the Hello World ReadyFlow as a template for your draft

ReadyFlows are read-only, therefore you cannot publish a new version of them. When you are done with creating your customized version of the given ReadyFlow, you can only publish your work to the Catalog as a new flow definition.
  • You have an enabled and healthy CDF environment.

  • You have been assigned the DFDeveloper role granting you access to the Flow Designer.

  • You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin or DFCatalogViewer role granting you access to the Catalog. You will need this authorization to publish your draft flow as a flow definition to the Catalog.

  • You have been assigned the DFFlowAdmin role for the environment to which you want to deploy the flow definition.

  1. Open Cloudera DataFlow by clicking the DataFlow tile in the CDP sidebar.
  2. Select ReadyFlow Gallery in the left navigation pane.
  3. Select the Hello World ReadyFlow.
  4. Click Create New Draft.
  5. Select the target Workspace where you want to create the draft flow.
  6. Provide a valid Flow Name for the draft flow.
    Flow names must be unique within a workspace. If a draft with the provided name already exists, you need to provide a different name.
  7. Click Create.
    Hello World opens as a draft in the designated Flow Designer workspace with the Flow Name you provided on the Flow Design canvas.
Proceed with creating the necessary Controller Services.