Accessing Deployment Manager

You can use the Deployment Manager page to manage your flow deployment lifecycle.

The Actions drop-down menu in the Deployment Manager page allows you to view your flow deployment in NiFi for troubleshooting purposes. It also allows you to change NiFi runtime version. You can suspend a flow deployment. Suspending a flow deployment means that the flow deployment stops processing data but cloud resources remain allocated for the flow deployment. You can also terminate your flow deployment. Terminating a flow deployment deletes the associated NiFi resources.

Apart from the details of your flow deployment, the Deployment Manager page also displays KPIs and alerts, sizing and scaling, and parameters details of your flow deployment under Deployment Settings. You can edit the KPIs, alerts, parameters, size and scale details of your flow deployment under Deployment Settings.

To access the Deployment Manager page:

  1. Open Cloudera DataFlow by clicking the DataFlow tile in the CDP sidebar.
  2. Select the flow deployment you want to manage, expanding the Deployment Details pane.
  3. Click Manage Deployments.

    The Deployment Manager page appears.