Prerequisites for running the Quickstart

This section helps you to examine the list of actions you must perfom before you start working on your function.

  1. Get the CRN (Customer Resource Number) of the flow definiton.
    1. Download the flow definition for this use case and upload it into your DataFlow Catalog.
    2. Once you have the flow definition in the Catalog, copy its CRN with its version.

      For example:crn:cdp:df:us-west-1:558bc1d3-8867-4357-8524-311d51289233:flow:Resize-Image/v.1

  2. Make sure that you have a CDP machine user created.

    This machine user is used when the function is triggered to retrieve the flow definition to be executed. For more information, see Creating CDP service account.

  3. Give the CDP machine user the appropriate role and generate the necessary keys.

    For more information, see Provisioning Access Key ID and Private Key.

  4. Download the DataFlow Functions binary from the Functions page of Cloudera DataFlow for the cloud provider of your choice.