Creating a draft from a flow definition in the Catalog

You can open flow definitions in the Catalog as drafts in Flow Designer. Depending on whether the flow definition has associated flow drafts or not, you may have more than one option.

  • You have an enabled and healthy CDF environment.

  • You have been assigned the DFDeveloper role granting you access to the Flow Designer.

  • You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin or DFCatalogViewer role granting you access to the Catalog. You will need this authorization to view and open flow definitions, and to publish your draft as a flow definition to the Catalog.

  • You have been assigned the DFFlowAdmin role for the environment to which you want to deploy the flow definition.

If you have sufficient rights, you can create a new draft from existing flow definitions in the Catalog. This gives you two options:

  • You can update the existing flow definition by creating a draft and then publishing your work as a new version of the source flow definition.
  • You can create a draft using the source flow definition as a template and then publish your work as a new flow definition to the Catalog.
  1. Open Cloudera DataFlow by clicking the DataFlow tile in the CDP sidebar.
  2. Select Catalog in the left navigation pane.
  3. Select the flow that you want to open as a draft.
  4. Depending on whether there already is one or more associated draft for the selected flow, you may have two options to select from:
    • If there is one or more ASSOCIATED DRAFT, you can select that and the draft opens for editing in the Flow Design view.
    • If there are no associated drafts or you want to create a new flow based on the existing one, select Create New Draft. Proceed according to Creating a draft.