June 21, 2023

This release (2.5.0-b210) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces NiFi 1.21, flow metrics driven auto-scaling, advanced UIs for JoltTransformJSON and UpdateAttribute processors, bulk actions in the Flow Designer, UDR support on Azure and makes in-place upgrades generally available to all customers.

New features and changes

  • Flow Deployments and Test Sessions now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.21 release.

  • In-place upgrades are now generally available to all customers. For more information, see Service upgrade.

  • Flow Deployments now support Flow Metrics Scaling in addition to CPU utilization based auto-scaling. For more information, see Auto-scaling flow deployments.
  • When selecting Private Cluster during enablement on Azure, CDF no longer provisions a public load balancer and now supports User Defined Routes (UDR).

  • Users can now provide their own values for the Kubernetes Pod CIDR Range and Kubernetes Service CIDR Range during enablement.

  • CDF now inherits load balancer configuration including available subnets from its associated CDP environment during the enablement process.

Flow Designer

  • The Flow Designer now supports multi-selection on the canvas and bulk actions for Start, Stop, Enable, Disable, Move, Change parent group, Copy/Paste, and Delete.

  • The Flow Designer now supports the advanced configuration UI for UpdateAttribute.

  • The Flow Designer now supports the advanced configuration UI for JoltTransformJson.

  • The Flow Designer now supports Birdseye and Zoom controls.

  • The Flow Designer now supports Processor Diagnostics with an active Test Session.


The following new ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:

  • CDW Ingest

  • CDP Kafka to Snowflake

  • Slack to S3

  • Updated Confluent Cloud to Snowflake using new Snowpipe processors

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-7231 - Fixed an issue where asset uploads were not supported in the Deployment Wizard following publishing from the Flow Designer.
  • CDPDFX-7355 - Fixed issue where CDF Upgrade can lead to a stuck active alert indicating metrics are unavailable if it was present prior to the upgrade attempt.

  • CDPDFX-7042 - Fixed lack of –no-paginate support on some df list calls in CDP CLI.

  • CDPDFX-7060 - Fixed CDP CLI handling of large asset uploads as part of create deployment.