Updating Kubernetes node images in a DataFlow service

Learn about adopting a new Kubernetes node image for your DataFlow service.

This action updates the images to the latest available version on the Kubernetes (K8s) nodes that form the underlying cluster in your DataFlow service.
  • You have the DFAdmin user role for the environment where you want to update the node images.

  1. In DataFlow, from the Environments page, select the Environment where you want to update the node images.
  2. From the Actions menu select Update Node Images.
  3. Click Update.
    • If there is a newer node image than the one already installed, the service status changes to Updating. Wait until the status returns to Good Health before initiating any other action.
    • If there is no newer version of the node image available, you get the message:

      'No new node image is available, nothing to update.'