Deploy the Hello World ReadyFlow using the deployment wizard

Learn about the steps to deploy the Hello World Flow to get started with Cloudera DataFlow.

Once you have added the Hello World ReadyFlow into the Catalog, stay in the Catalog and use the Deployment wizard to deploy that flow definition.

  • You have an enabled and healthy CDF environment.

  • You have imported the Hello World Flow flow definition.

  • You have been assigned the DFCatalogAdmin role granting you access to the Catalog.

  • You have been assigned the DFFlowAdmin role for the environment to which you want to deploy the flow definition.

  1. To launch the Deployment wizard, select the Hello World flow in the Catalog to display the flow definition details and versions.
  2. Select Version 2 and click Deploy to launch the Deployment wizard.
  3. Select the Target Workspace where you want to deploy the ReadyFlow.

    The Deployment wizard only displays workspaces that meet the following conditions:

    • DataFlow is enabled for the environment
    • The environment is in healthy state
    • You are allowed to access the environment
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In Overview, give your flow deployment a unique name.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In NiFi Configuration, click Next.
  8. In Parameters, click Next.
  9. In Sizing & Scaling, click Next.
  10. In Key Performance Indicators, click Add New KPI to add a Key Performance Indicator. It lets you monitor the performance of your DataFlow deployment.
  11. To learn about the use of Key Performance Indicaators (KPIs), add a KPI that will track how much data the processor is writing to the destination files. The KPI will raise an alert whenever this value goes below 1MB.
    Set the following properties:
    KPI Scope
    select Processor.
    Processor Name
    select Write "Added Content" Events to File.
    Metric to Track
    select Bytes Sent
    select Trigger alert when metric is less than and set value to 1 MBytes.
    Alert will be triggered when metric is outside the boundary(s) for
    set to 2 Minutes.
  12. Click Add, to create the KPI.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Review a summary of the information provided. When you are finished, complete flow deployment by clicking Deploy.

Once you click Deploy, you are redirected to the Alerts tab in the detail view for the deployment where you can track its progress.