Export deployment configuration

You can export a deployment configuration to create additional deployments with a similar configuration in the same or a different environment.

  • Exported configurations may be edited, and you can also modify them after the importing step during flow deployment.
  • One deployment can have only one exported configuration. Performing a new export overwrites the existing one.
  • Exported deployment configurations are available for every user who can start a new deployment in a given environment, even if the exported deployment was originally created under a specific Project.
  1. Click Actions in the Deployment Manager page.
  2. Click Export Configuration.
  3. Confirm your choice by clicking Export in the pop-up.

The configuration is exported to the {LOG location}/cdf-deployment-backup directory. {LOG location} is configured during the creation of the associated CDP Environment. If you want to reuse the exported configuration in a different environment, you can either configure that to use the same {LOG location}, or you can copy the exported .tar.gz and JSON files to the {LOG location}/cdf-deployment-backup directory of the target environment.

You can reuse the exported configuration during deployment of the same flow definition to recreate a flow with similar configuration.