October 21, 2022

This release (2.2.0-h4-b2) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces compatibility fixes around upgrades and public ingress certificate renewals.

Fixed issues

CDPDFX-6119 - Fixed an issue where a failed attempt to renew public ingress certificates incorrectly fires a certificate expiring soon warning.

CDPDFX-6189 - Fixed an issue where public ingress certificate renewal fails for workloads that are not running the latest DataFlow version.

CDPDFX-6191 - Fixed an issue where DataFlow upgrade fails if a public ingress certificate renewal has ever been attempted on the DataFlow service.

CDPDFX-4177 - Improved reuse of recently generated public ingress certificate upon repetitive retries to avoid a Let's Encrypt certificate rate limit of 5 per 7 days.