April 27, 2023

This release (2.4.1-b22) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud supports new NiFi and Kubernetes versions, includes usability improvements for Flow Designer, resolves an issue with deployment ZooKeeper persistence and introduces various bug fixes across the platform.

New features and changes

  • CDF now creates Kubernetes clusters with version 1.24 in AWS EKS and 1.25 in Azure AKS.
  • The PutIceberg processor is now considered GA (requires selecting NiFi version
  • Improves event age off logic for environments and deployments that produce a large number of events.
  • In the Flow Designer, when deleting a Parameter referencing components are populated in the affected components dialog.
  • In the Flow Designer, the Inbound Connection Details button visibility was fixed when a Test Session successfully starts.
  • After upgrading CDF, aligned the CFM version of any existing Test Session configurations with the minimum CFM version supported by the Flow Designer.

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-7081 - Fixed DataFlow Update sometimes timing out when a new AMI is available and AWS performs rolling upgrade of cluster nodes.
  • CDPDFX-7018 - Fixed missing persistent volume support for ZooKeeper in deployments.
  • CDPDFX-7095 - Fixed missing vault missing Flow Designer policies after CDF upgrade (Relevant only for environments that previously ran with CDF 2.1.x).