Add ReadyFlow to the Catalog

ReadyFlows are out of box flow definitions, designed to make getting started with Cloudera DataFlow quick and easy. To use them, just add the ReadyFlow to the Catalog.


  1. From the ReadyFlow Gallery page, identify the ReadyFlow you want to use.
  2. Review the ReadyFlow details by clicking View Details.
  3. Click Add to Catalog to add the ReadyFlow into the CDF Catalog and make it ready for deployment.
  4. Click Add to confirm that you want to add the ReadyFlow to the Catalog.

Before you begin

  • You have installed CDP CLI.
  • Run cdp df list-ready-flows to get the crn.


  1. To add a ReadyFlow to the Catalog, enter:
    cdp df add-readyflow 
    --crn [***CRN***]


    • --crn specifies the ReadyFlow CRN value you retrieved when running cdp df list-ready-flows.


The ReadyFlow is added to the Catalog and is ready for deployment.