Use KPIs to monitor auto-scaling operations

Learn how to use KPIs to monitor auto-scaling operations.

You want to use KPIs to track auto-scaling operations.
You can achieve your goal by selecting appropriate KPI scope and metric while deploying your flow in Cloudera DataFlow. Select System KPI scope and Core Allocation metric to track. Core Allocation metric tracks the numbers of cores allocated. After the flow deployment, you can view a graph that represents how many cores are used right now and you can also view when it scales up or scales down.
You must have reached the Add New KPI screen while deploying your flow in Cloudera DataFlow.
  1. Select System as the KPI scope.
  2. Select Core Allocation as the metric to track.
  3. Configure the alert settings as per your requirement or when you want to be alerted.
  4. Click Apply.

    Similarly, you can set other metrics and alerts as per your requirement.

In this example, you get an alert when the number of cores allocated for your flow is greater than seven.