Adding custom tags to flow definitions

You can add informative tags to individual versions of a flow definition in the Catalog.

Custom tags allow you to dynamically introduce additional information to flow versions on top of the static, non-modifiable version information. Once added, custom tags cannot be modified. You can delete an existing tag and replace it with a new one. If you change your mind, you can reintroduce a recently deleted tag using the Add Recently Used option.
  1. In the DataFlow UI, from the left navigation pane, click Catalog.

    Flow definitions available to you are displayed, one definition per row.

  2. Identify the flow definition where you want to add tags to a flow version, and click the row to display the flow definition details and versions.
  3. Expand the flow version where you want to add tags by clicking Expand
  4. Type the tag text under Custom Tag.
  5. You can optionally change the default tag color, using the Color menu.
  6. Click Add.