November 1, 2023

This release (2.6.1-b92) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces fine-grained access controls over resources within an environment, support for creating and managing reporting tasks through the CLI, besides other improvements and fixes.

What's new

  • Support for granular access controls over resources have been introduced to the DF Service. On the new Projects page users can define Projects that limit the visibility of Flow Drafts, Deployments, Inbound Connections, and Custom NAR Configurations within an Environment. Dashboard, Flow Designs and Workspace Resources pages now have new filters and controls to organize resources into Projects.

  • Added support for creating and deleting reporting tasks in a CDF deployment through the CLI. Listing reporting tasks is also available in the UI under the NiFi Configuration tab in deployment manager.

Changes and improvements

  • Third party and base images updated to address CVEs.

  • Improvements for larger scale CDF clusters of up to 50 nodes, including how Prometheus instances are monitored and vertical scaling cluster resources in terms of CPU.

  • View NiFi UI is a valid action when the deployment is in a failed to upgrade state.

  • Port 80 is removed from the security group for the load balancer that is created by DFX on AWS. It redirected requests to port 443, but port 80 was not necessary to be open.