Give administrators access

To enable Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) for an environment, you must have the DFAdmin role. Grant the DFAdmin role from the Cloudera Management Console Manage Access page, so that an administrator can enable and manage CDF for an environment.

As a CDP administrator with the PowerUser role, you must grant at least one user the DFAdmin role so that they can enable CDF for CDP Public Cloud environments.

  • You have the CDP PowerUser role.
  1. From the Cloudera Management Console, click Environments.
  2. Use the search field to find and select the CDP environment for which you want to grant DFAdmin rights.
  3. Click Actions | Manage Access to display the Environment Access page.
  4. Find the user to whom you want to grant the DFAdmin role, and click Update Roles.
  5. From the Update Roles page, select DFAdmin and click Update.

When you have finished granting a user administrator permissions, proceed by enabling DataFlow for an environment.