List of required configuration parameters for the Kafka to Kafka ReadyFlow

When deploying the Kafka to Kafka ReadyFlow, you have to provide the following parameters. Use the information you collected in Prerequisites.

Table 1. Kafka to Kafka ReadyFlow configuration parameters
Parameter Name Description
CDP Workload User Specify the CDP machine user or workload user name that you want to use to authenticate to Kafka. Ensure this user has the appropriate access rights to the source and destination Kafka topics.
CDP Workload User Password Specify the password of the CDP machine user or workload user you are using to authenticate against Kafka.
Kafka Broker Endpoint Specify the Kafka bootstrap servers string as a comma separated list.
Kafka Consumer Group ID Specify the ID for the consumer group used for the source topic you are consuming from.
Kafka Destination Topic Specify the destination topic name that you want to write to.
Kafka Producer ID Specify the id for the Kafka producer writing into the destination topic.
Kafka Source Topic Specify a topic name that you want to read from.