This tutorial uses the following terms and concepts that you should be familiar with.

Term Definition
Apache NiFi Low-code data ingestion tool built to automate the flow of data between systems
Flow Represents data flow logic that was developed using Apache NiFi
Processor Component in the data flow that perform work combining data routing, transformation, and mediation between systems
Cloudera Data Platform for the Public Cloud (CDP-PC) Cloudera’s data management platform in the cloud
Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) Service CDP-PC data service that enables self-serve deployments of Apache NiFi
DataFlow function Flow that is uploaded into the DataFlow Catalog that can be run in serverless mode by serverless cloud provider services
DataFlow Catalog Inventory of flow definitions from which you can initiate new deployments
AWS Lambda Serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run a DataFlow function without provisioning or managing servers