Enable DataFlow for your environment

Before you can deploy flow definitions, you must enable CDF for a CDP Public Cloud environment. Enabling CDF for an environment means that you are preparing an active and healthy CDP environment for use with CDF.

  • You have a cloud provider account and meet the infrastructure and network requirements.
  • You have a healthy CDP environment, with FreeIPA and the data lake running and healthy.
  • You have the DFAdmin role for the CDP environment for which you want to enable DataFlow.
  1. Navigate to DataFlow, by selecting DataFlow from the CDP Home Page.
  2. In DataFlow, navigate to Environments, and click Enable to launch the Enable Environment dialog for the environment you want to enable.
  3. From Enable Environment, provide the following information:
    • DataFlow Capacity – Specifies Kubernetes cluster minimum and maximum size
    • Networking
    • Specify whether a public endpoint should be deployed to access CDF components via the internet.
    • A list of source IP address ranges which are allowed to connect to the Kubernetes API server.
  4. Click Enable. Enabling CDF can take up to one hour.

When you have finished enabling DataFlow for an environment, proceed by giving users permission to import and deploy flow definitions.