Alerts for NiFi flow deployments

You can set alerts while configuring KPIs in your deployment. If you set an alert for a KPI and metric combination, you get alerted if your flow definition meets the conditions set in that alert.

Click the deployment to view the deployment details.

On the Alerts tab of the Deployment Details pane, you can monitor the active alerts and event history details.

In the Active Alerts section, you can track the alert types and time of the alert. If you click on the alert you want to track, you can see the alert details and the exact time when the alert occurred. Active alerts notify you of a current condition that may require attention. If you set an alert for a deployment-related KPI, you get alerted here as well. Active alerts automatically become inactive and move to the Event History section if the condition is not met anymore.

In the Event History section, you can track event-related information and past alert conditions such as when the deployment was initiated and whether the deployment was successful. You can filter the event history list to only show events of a specific type including information, warning, and error.