June 28, 2022

This release (2.1.0-b123) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces support for DataFlow service upgrades as a technical preview feature, Inbound Connection configuration through the create-deployment CLI command, Kubernetes 1.22 as well as additional improvements and fixes.

New features and changes

  • [Technical Preview] CDF environment and deployment upgrades are now supported.

    CDF service upgrades require a specific entitlement that is granted by request only. Reach out to your Cloudera Account Representative or open a support ticket to request CDF service upgrades. For more information, see the upgrade documentation.

  • The create-deployment CLI command now supports Inbound Connections.
  • CDF now correctly configures the deployment when it detects any of the two reserved Controller Services Default NiFi SSL Context Service and Inbound SSL Context Service regardless of whether they are external references or not.
  • Kubernetes Version 1.22 is now the default Kubernetes version for CDF. When CDF is enabled, it creates AWS EKS and Azure AKS clusters based on version 1.22.
  • CDF now supports Data Lake scaling. After the Data Lake scale operation has completed, affected deployments will show an active alert and need to be manually restarted to put the new configuration in effect.
  • The Event Hub to ADLS ReadyFlow now allows you to specify an Event Hub Service Bus Endpoint.

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-5317 - Fixed an issue that could cause timeouts when uploading assets as part of the Deployment Wizard
  • CDPDFX-5400 - Fixed several issues that could cause cluster and deployment Prometheus instances to run out of memory
  • CDPDFX-5322 - Fixed an issue with caching of UI content that sometimes required user to perform a hard refresh
  • CDPDFX-5261 - Fixed an issue that causes autoscaling CPU utilization target to change from 75% to 80% if user performs a deployment update

    CDPDFX-5325 - Use availability sets instead of zones for Azure to reduce the chance of a customer failing to enable DataFlow due to instance type resource constraints in certain regions

    CDPDFX-5319/CDPDFX-5385 - Improved resiliency when recovering from network disruptions and database failovers to improve the chances of deployment related requests succeeding

    CDPDFX-5260 - Expanded the types of cluster resource logs that are exported to cloud storage

    CDPDFX-5483 - Fixed an issue where some cloud resources are not deleted properly when disabling DataFlow after it has encountered an update failure or upgrade failure