Introduction to monitoring flow deployments

The Cloudera DataFlow UI is the central monitoring console for all your deployments across environments. It is the space where you can monitor flow metrics and infrastructure usage, and manage deployments. You can also use reporting tasks to monitor flow deployments using external tools.

In the Cloudera DataFlow UI, you can monitor the status of your deployment and whether the deployment meets performance expectations. You can filter and sort your deployments based on your requirements. You can also fetch details for your deployments for a specified time period and refresh deployment data.

You can monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs), system metrics, and alerts set for your deployments in the Cloudera DataFlow UI. You get alerts for deployments breaching certain assigned KPIs and get recommendations about how to tune your deployments. You also receive alerts if there are issues in your deployment.

After you deploy a flow definition, you can monitor the deployment on the Deployments page.

You can also create reporting tasks to monitor health and performance of your flow deployments using external systems.