April 05, 2023

This release (2.4.0-h1-b1) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces various improvements and bug fixes for Flow Designer and DataFlow enablement.

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-6970 - Fixed an issue where using the Convert to Parameter feature in Flow Designer cleared all sensitive parameter values.

  • CDPDFX-7068 - Added missing support for skipPreflightChecks to Enable and Update DataFlow CLI calls

  • CDPDFX-6991 - Fixed an issue with Enable DataFlow for Azure where the cloud provider sometimes reflects clusters in an unexpected UPDATING state.

  • CDPDFX-7057 - Fixed Enable DataFlow request for AWS sometimes timing out during initial validation phase due to cloud provider API latency with resources in some regions.

  • CDPDFX-6534 - Fixed concurrency issues with uploads of large assets via CLI. Assets of up to 150 MB are now supported.

  • CDPDFX-7052 - Fixed an issue with validation of Flow Designer parameters where validation was too strict and could prevent certain values from being entered. The validation is now consistent with parameter values from the Deployment Wizard.