February 15, 2022

This release (1.1.0-h2-b1) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces support for Kubernetes v1.21, removes disk-related metrics, and fixes a NiFi deployment issue.

New features and changes

Added support for Kubernetes v1.21
Version 1.21 is now the default Kubernetes version for CDF. When CDF is enabled, it creates AKS/EKS clusters based on version 1.21.
Removed disk related metrics from deployments and DataFlow service details
In previous versions of CDF, deployments and enabled DataFlow services showed disk capacity and disk usage metrics as part of their system metrics. You were also able to define KPIs and alerts on these metrics. Due to issues with the underlying metrics collection framework, the following metrics have been removed starting with CDF 1.1.0-h2-b1:
  • Disk Capacity (DF Service Metric)
  • Disk Capacity (Deployment System Metric)
  • Disk Usage (Deployment System Metric)

Fixed issues

CDPDFX-4030 – Fixed an issue where NiFi pods were not correctly applying the heap size which the user selected during deployment.

Documentation updates

Removed disk related metrics documentation.