Authorize user to manage lifecycle of a DataFlow environment

To authorize a user to enable, disable, and administer a given CDP environment for DataFlow, assign the DFAdmin role to the user. This role also permits the user to grant and revoke the ability to access the DataFlow Kubernetes API server.

You must have one of the following:
  • CDP PowerUser role
  • Owner role for the specific environment
  1. From the Cloudera Management Console, click Environments.
    The Environment List page appears.
  2. Search for and select the environment you want the user to have rights to.
    The Environment page appears.
  3. Click Actions > Manage Access.
    The Environment Access page appears.
  4. Find the user and click Update Roles.
  5. From the Update Roles dialog, select the DFAdmin role and any other role the user requires.
  6. Click Update Roles.