AWS requirements for DataFlow

As the administrator for your AWS environment, ensure that the environment meets the requirements for CDP and DataFlow. Then set up your AWS cloud credential and register the environment.

Follow the steps to ensure that your AWS environment meets the CDP and DataFlow requirements:

Understand your AWS account requirements for CDP

Understand the DataFlow requirements

Set up an AWS Cloud credential

Create a role-based AWS credential that allows CDP to authenticate with your AWS account and has authorization to provision AWS resources on your behalf. Role-based authentication uses an IAM role with an attached IAM policy that has the minimum permissions required to use CDP.

To set up an AWS Cloud credential, see Creating a role based provisioning credential for AWS. The link is in the Related information section below.

After you have created this IAM policy, register it in CDP as a cloud credential. Reference this credential when you register an AWS environment in CDP environment as described in the next step.

Register an AWS environment in CDP

A CDP user must have the PowerUser role in order to register an environment. An environment determines the specific cloud provider region and virtual network in which resources can be provisioned, and includes the credential that should be used to access the cloud provider account.

To register an AWS environment in CDP, see CDP AWS Environments. The link is in the Related information section below.