September 08, 2022

This release (2.2.0-b194) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud improves the first time user experience, introduces more ReadyFlows, and supports renewing certificates for Inbound Connection.

New features and changes

  • A streamlined first time user experience

    You can use the new Hello World ReadyFlow to create your first flow deployment without dependencies on source or target systems. New landing pages for the Dashboard and Catalog allow you to get started with just one click.

  • Four additional new ReadyFlows are available in the ReadyFlow Gallery

    • Non-CDP ADLS to S3/ADLS

    • Non-CDP S3 to S3/ADLS

    • ListenTCP filter to S3/ADLS

    • ListenSyslog filter to S3/ADLS

  • Endpoint Hostnames certificates can now be renewed when using Inbound Connections

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-3348 - Support custom KMS encryption key defined at CDP environment level
  • CDPDFX-5126 - Improve tag validation for DataFlow service enablement
  • CDPDFX-5449 - Fixed an issue where Data offloading during scale down operations is blocking reconciliation in CDF causing deployment requests to time out
  • CDPDFX-5494 - Fixed an issue where Kubernetes node scaling events are not surfaced in the event history for DataFlow services
  • CDPDFX-5555 and CDPDFX-5556 - Improved reliability of Kubernetes infrastructure reuse when DataFlow enablement fails
  • CDPDFX-5577 - Fixed an issue where UDP Inbound Connections fail in AWS due to incorrect health check configuration for inbound data load balancer
  • CDPDFX-5607 - Improve visibility of helm release details when enable or upgrade DataFlow action fails to complete