Pre-upgrade information

Learn about tasks you need to perform and information you need to consider before starting a CDF service upgrade.

  • You trigger an upgrade for a selected CDF environment. Upgrades move from an older version to the latest version available.
  • Once you trigger the upgrade, the service enters UPGRADING state and is upgraded to the latest supported DataFlow and Kubernetes versions. Kubernetes upgrade can take up to an hour to complete. During the upgrade service actions are restricted, that is, you are not able to create or manage deployments in the given DataFlow service.
  • As part of a DataFlow Service (Environment) upgrade, all existing deployments are also upgraded.
  • To keep existing DataFlow deployments working, you may choose not to upgrade the NiFi version of existing deployments during the upgrade. This selection applies to all existing deployments.You can manually upgrade NiFi for individual deployments later.
  • If upgrading a deployment fails, all components are rolled back to their original state and it causes the overall DataFlow service upgrade to be rolled back as well.