DataFlow state

By default, if your data flow contains any stateful processors (for example, ListSFTP), this state will automatically be stored in a DynamoDB table called nifi_state. This name can be set using the DYNAMODB_STATE_TABLE environment variable. If state is to be stored in DynamoDB, the role executing the Lambda function requires permissions to create and describe tables, and permissions to put and get items. If the data flow contains no stateful processors, this provider is not used, and requires no extra permissions.

The default DynamoDB billing mode is PAY_PER_REQUEST. To change this to PROVISIONED, set the DYNAMODB_BILLING_MODE environment variable to PROVISIONED, and set the DYNAMODB_READ_CAPACITY_UNITS and DYNAMODB_WRITE_CAPACITY_UNITS variables accordingly. For more information, see Read/write capacity mode.

The DynamoDB state provider can be disabled even if your data flow contains stateful processors by setting the DISABLE_STATE_PROVIDER environment variable to true.