Import a flow definition

If you want to use a NiFi flow in Cloudera DataFlow, you must import it as a flow definition. When imported, the flow definition is added to the Flow Catalog.


  1. Open Cloudera DataFlow by clicking the DataFlow tile in the CDP sidebar.
  2. Click Catalog from the left navigation pane.

    The Flow Catalog page is displayed. Previously imported flow definitions are displayed, one definition per row.

  3. Click Import Flow Definition.
  4. Provide a name (Flow Name) and a description (Flow Description) for the flow definition.
  5. In the NiFi Flow Configuration field, select the JSON file you downloaded from NiFi.

    Alternatively, you can drop the JSON file into this field to select it.

  6. Optional:You can add comments to the flow definition version you are importing (Version Comments).
  7. Click Import.


You have successfully imported your NiFi flow to Cloudera DataFlow. It is available in the Flow Catalog as the first version of your flow definition.