May 20, 2024

This release (2.8.0-b274) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces the ability to change the flow definition version of running deployments, a new Overview page with tutorials and shortcuts, the ability to create NiFi 2.0 deployments (Technical Preview), filtering ReadyFlows by different categories, new GenAI ReadyFlows, and supports new Kubernetes versions.

What's new

Latest NiFi version
Flow Deployments and Test Sessions now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.25 release.
NiFi 2.0 Tech Preview
You can now select NiFi 2.0 (based on upstream Apache NiFi M2 release with critical fixes from M3) when creating deployments including the ability to configure your deployment to use your custom Python based processors.
Change flow definition version of existing deployments
You can now change the version of your flow definition for existing deployments. This eliminates the need to recreate deployments whenever a new version of your flow is available. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three different strategies when changing the flow definition version. Learn more about changing flow definition versions.
New Overview Page
When navigating to CDF, users now start on the new Overview page. The Overview page helps new users getting started with guides and documentation, informs administrators about recent releases and offers shortcuts to power users.
Custom NiFi Node sizing (requires entitlement)
When creating a deployment, CDF now supports specifying custom core/memory settings. This feature requires an entitlement. Reach out to your Cloudera team to request access.
ReadyFlow Gallery filtering
The ReadyFlow Gallery now supports filtering available ReadyFlows by four different categories: Use case category, Source, Destination and compatible NiFi version.
New ReadyFlows
  • DB2 CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
  • DB2 CDC to Kudu
  • MySQL CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
  • Oracle CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
  • PostgreSQL to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
  • Slack to Pinecone (NiFi 2.0)
  • SQL Server CDC to Iceberg (Technical Preview)
Support for new Kubernetes versions
CDF now supports Kubernetes 1.28 on EKS and AKS.
Include JVM Heap and Thread Dump in UDX

Users can trigger a Diagnostic Bundle collection to include heap and thread dump of all the NiFi nodes of a flow deployment.

Changes and improvements

  • The Dashboard page has been renamed to Deployments and continues to be the single pane of glass to monitor all existing deployments.
  • Diagnostic Bundle collection now includes additional information and allows collection of heap dumps for faster troubleshooting.
  • Flow Details of the Catalog page now support text search and filtering by tags.
  • When enabling CDF on Azure, CDF now provisions an Azure Database for PostgreSQL instead of a single server. This ensures supportability as single servers get phased out by Microsoft.
  • CDF on AWS now supports RDS certificate rotation ensuring compatibility with planned certification rotation changes from AWS.

Removed NiFi components

In this release of CDF-PC, a number of deprecated NiFi processors and controller services have been removed from the porduct. For a list of removed components and suggested replacements, see Removed processors and Removed controller services, respectively.

Fixed issues

  • CDPDFX-8257 - Updated sensitive parameter values are now propagated to NiFi
  • CDPDFX-8513 - Hello World ReadyFlow corrected
  • CDPDFX-8605 - Alert mapping for PROMETHEUS_MEMORY_WARNING_ALERT added so deployment termination won’t get stuck
  • CDPDFX-8624 - Reassign Workload Resource now updates project id in global deployment table for test sessions so after reassign projects can be deleted
  • CDPDFX-8268 - False alerts during vertical auto scaling of Prometheus instances