February 13, 2023

This release (2.3.0-h3-b4) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud addresses various bug fixes and improvements in Flow Designer, private cluster support, upgrades and general stability.

Fixed issues

Stability Improvements

  • CDPDFX-6591 - Added liveness probe to dfx-local to influence a restart if the container becomes unhealthy.

  • CDPDFX-6701 - Fixed a resource leak that would eventually lead to degraded behavior of the application like interruption of workload communication (through heartbeats) to the control plane or the Flow Designer not displaying feedback for running test sessions and preventing processors from being started.

Flow Designer

  • CDPDFX-6641 - Updated the redis client in the workload to use a connection pool that was previously aggressively allocating new threads.

  • CDPDFX-6635 - Fixed an issue with Flow Designer UI that would continually attempt to reconnect/resubscribe even when their authentication expires.

  • CDPDFX-6636 - Fixed an issue with Flow Designer test session event blocking due to infinite event retry.

  • CDPDFX-6632 - Ensure additional access rights are enforced when using Flow Designer.

  • CDPDFX-6695 - Fixed issues in the Flow Designer that prevented applying Parameter changes when an asset was removed.

  • CDPDFX-6695 - Fixed an issue in the Flow Designer where editing a parameter with multiple assets does not trigger a message to apply changes.

Private Cluster Support

  • CDPDFX-6740 - Fixed an issue causing AKS private clusters to fail when waiting for load balancer IP via cluster proxy service.

Other Issues

  • CDPDFX-6731 - Fixed an issue with CDF 2.1.0-b123 or older not being able to perform workload access certificate renewal.

  • CDPDFX-6634 - Fixed issue that would result in the user being redirected to the wrong URL following successful authentication on the workload.

  • CDPDFX-6655 - Fixed issue that would load the app switcher in the sidebar in the Deployment Manager and Flow Designer with the incorrect options.

  • CDPDFX-6567 - Fixed an issue with logging in AWS AP region 3 (Jakarta).

  • CDPDFX-6693 - Fixed navigation when using the Home button from the Manage Deployment page.

  • CDPDFX-6713 - Fixed DataFlow configuration update failures when attempting to add new authorized IP ranges without changing minimum or maximum cluster capacity.

Technical Service Bulletins

  • TSB 2023-648: ApacheNiFi pods not properly configured with fully qualified domain name causing communication errors
  • TSB 2023-649: File watcher container in MiNifi logging pod causing process ID leaks

Behavioral changes

If you defined a custom NAR storage location during flow deployment in earlier releases, the setting got stored as the default value for that environment. CDF 2.3.0-h3 changes this behavior: custom NAR configuration does not get stored for the environment any more. This means every time you deploy a flow that requires custom NARs, you need to configure the access credentials and the storage location.