Management of flow catalog

Learn the information that you can track in the Flow Catalog page. Also, learn how to sort, search, and refresh your flow definitions.

You can track the following details of flow definitions in the Flow Catalog page:
  • Name – Name of the flow definition
  • Type – Type of flow definition, Custom or ReadyFlow
  • Versions – Number of available versions
  • Last Updated – When the flow definition was last changed

You can sort flow definitions by Name, Type and Last Updated. Click the column name to sort by ascending or descending order.

You can also use the Search field at the top of the Flow Catalog page to directly search for the flow definition by its name.

You can use the Items per page option, at the bottom of the screen, to display the desired number of flow definitions in your page view.

You can click the (circle-arrow) icon in the top right corner to refresh the data. By default, every 30 seconds all data for your flow definitions are updated.