Upload and run Python scripts in flow deployments

If running your data flow requires executing a Python script, you have to upload it when creating your data flow deployment through the Deployment Wizard or the CLI. Follow these steps to configure your NiFi processors correctly and upload your Python script.

  1. Create your Python script and save it as a file.
    For example:
    print("Hello, World!")
  2. Open the flow definition which requires a Python script in NiFi.
  3. Add and configure an ExecuteStreamCommand processor to run your script.
    Make the following property settings:
    Command Arguments
    provide #{Script}
    Command Path
    provide python
    Leave all other properties with their default values.
  4. If you have edited your data flow in NiFi, download it as a flow definition and import it to Cloudera DataFlow. If you have edited your data flow in the Flow Designer, publish the flow to the Catalog.
  5. Initiate a flow deployment from the Catalog. In the Parameters step of the Deployment Wizard, upload your Python script to the Script parameter. Upload additional files to the AdditionalResources parameter if applicable. Complete the Wizard and submit your deployment request.
Your Python script is uploaded to the flow deployment and executed as part of the data flow.