Learn how to collect the information you need to deploy the Slack to Pinecone ReadyFlow, and meet other prerequisites.

For your data ingest source

  • You have created a Slack workspace and channel.
    1. In Slack Workspace Directory click Manage Organization.
    2. Click Create Workspace.
    3. Provide Workspace Name and Workspace Domain. You may leave Workspace Description empty.
  • You have your Slack User or Bot Access Token.
  • You have configured the necessary scopes for your token access.

For more information on getting started with Slack Enterprise Grid sandboxes, see the Slack documentation.

For DataFlow

  • You have enabled DataFlow for an environment.

    For information on how to enable DataFlow for an environment, see Enabling DataFlow for an Environment.

  • You have created a Machine User to use as the CDP Workload User.

  • You have given the CDP Workload User the EnvironmentUser role.
    1. From the Management Console, go to the environment for which DataFlow is enabled.
    2. From the Actions drop down, click Manage Access.
    3. Identify the user you want to use as a Workload User.
    4. Give that user EnvironmentUser role.
  • You have synchronized your user to the CDP Public Cloud environment that you enabled for DataFlow.

    For information on how to synchronize your user to FreeIPA, see Performing User Sync.

  • You have granted your CDP user the DFCatalogAdmin and DFFlowAdmin roles to enable your user to add the ReadyFlow to the Catalog and deploy the flow definition.
    1. Give a user permission to add the ReadyFlow to the Catalog.
      1. From the Management Console, click User Management.
      2. Enter the name of the user or group you wish to authorize in the Search field.
      3. Select the user or group from the list that displays.
      4. Click Roles > Update Roles.
      5. From Update Roles, select DFCatalogAdmin and click Update.
    2. Give your user or group permission to deploy flow definitions.
      1. From the Management Console, click Environments to display the Environment List page.
      2. Select the environment to which you want your user or group to deploy flow definitions.
      3. Click Actions > Manage Access to display the Environment Access page.
      4. Enter the name of your user or group you wish to authorize in the Search field.
      5. Select your user or group and click Update Roles.
      6. Select DFFlowAdmin from the list of roles.
      7. Click Update Roles.
    3. Give your user or group access to the Project where the ReadyFlow will be deployed.
      1. Go to DataFlow > Projects.
      2. Select the project where you want to manage access rights and click More > Manage Access.
    4. Start typing the name of the user or group you want to add and select them from the list.
    5. Select the Resource Roles you want to grant.
    6. Click Update Roles.
    7. Click Synchronize Users.

For your data ingest target

  • You have your OpenAI API key.
  • You have your Pinecone environment and index into which you want to ingest data.
  • Your Pinecone index was configured with the ’text-embedding-ada-002 model’.
  • You have your Pinecone API key.