Stop flow

Stopping the flow of a DataFlow deployment temporarily pauses the NiFi flow.

Stopping a flow results in the following:

  • All processors are stopped and no data processing happens within the NiFi flow.
  • KPI alerts are stopped. Your KPI alerts are activated again when the flow is restarted.
  • Any active KPI alerts are resolved.
  • All underlying cloud resources remain allocated for the DataFlow deployment.
  • You can modify deployment configuration while the flow is stopped.
  • Stopped flows are still billable however if auto-scaling is enabled for the flow, a certain amount of cost reduction may occur.
You must have deployed a flow definition in Cloudera DataFlow.
  1. Click Actions in the Deployment Manager page.
  2. Click Stop flow.
    The Stop [Deployment Name] page appears.
  3. Click Stop Flow to stop the flow deployment.